Saturday December 19, 2020 |Uncommon Brands

Fat Brain makes educational playable toys

Fat Brain Toys is an award winning toy manufacture and retailer. The shop was recently added to the Emprezzo list and can already count me as a repeat customer.

The company is based in Nebraska and was founded out of a basement in 2002 by a married coupon who still own the business independently. The toys are well designed and have an educational lean, without losing focus of the intention of play as the foremost quality.

Interestingly, the company acquired a subscription box service named Surprise Ride in 2019 after being featured on Shark Tank. The kits are not included in the general search results and sound similar to Kiwi Krates and other kids subscription activity boxes.

There are a surprisingly small number of independently operated toy companies, and most toys are heavy into licensing. It's refreshing to see a manufacture that puts out quality toys without the endless cross promotion of another property, and is a big part of why Fat Brain Toys is on our list of uncommon brands.

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