Sunday December 20, 2020 |Future of ecommerce

Adding fuel to a disinformation fire

This past week, the biggest hack in the history of technology was discovered. The Solarwinds security breach occurred months ago, while many in cyber security were heavily focused on potential election threats from international parties. The breach was deep, the extent is yet unknown, and the implications have the potential to change the course of international relations, in the long run.

In the near term, disinformation will be exacerbated. The hack was tied to a group that had previously helped disseminate disinformation as part of a concerted Russian effort. The purpose seems to be to undermine the credibility of trusted organizations, sow discord, and otherwise serve to weaken traditional western democracies.

There are plenty of willing and unwilling mercenaries, an endless number of bots, and so man potential weak points, that there's perceptibly no way to challenge this threat head on. If the goal is to cause turmoil, the project is well underway and the flames are ready to be further stoked with additional fuel.

There's so much that isn't known about the Solarwinds hack and that is potentially the most damaging. Without knowing specifically where the weaknesses derive, the potential threat will always remain. Full disclosure is entirely infeasible, and anything less is entirely unsatisfactory. The disinformation fire is stoked and awaiting fuel.

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