Sunday March 29, 2020 |Notes

The way forward

We face some big unknowns about the future right now. Business is shut down in many areas of the country - and even the world. Thousands have died. Millions are out of work. Governments are enacting unprecedented measures. The situation is bad and the worst is yet to come.

It's natural to look ahead to "when this is all over with", as a neighbor recently put it. There's no definite timeline for how long shelter-in-place restrictions may last. It will be slow, may take recurring rolling restrictions, and could last until a vaccine is developed (18+ months away).

Even in the most optimistic scenario, there's no sense in waiting for everything to return to normal. The coronavirus and the world's response will reshape most aspects of life.

There's no sense waiting for the world to return to normal. The new normal is forming around us each day. Previously the digital economy was looked at as being somewhat optional - and even a danger to society when compared to local economy. That notion is done. As I wrote yesterday, this will the biggest catalyst for the transformation into the digital economy is history.

The digital age will bring huge innovation in technology and business models. There's no returning - only moving forward.

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