Sunday June 21, 2020 |Notes

Opportunity and responsibility

Opportunity and responsibility are inseparable. Every opportunity brings a new responsibility, and each responsibility brings a new opportunity.

Being a leader, entrepreneur, or creator is an opportunity to improve a specific aspect of the world. Technology provides the opportunity to reach people well beyond traditional means. Together, these provide enormous opportunity and should bring a relative equal responsibility.

There are plenty of examples of technology companies choosing to shirk responsibility. Whether it's Facebook regarding politics, Uber regarding safety, Instagram regarding teen depression, or Robinhood regarding gamification of gambling/investing, technology companies have a responsibility to do more. Of course they have an opportunity to get users increasingly hooked and addicted.

As a father, I've thought a lot about the responsibility and opportunities of being a role model for my children. I have opportunities to solve problems with short term fixes, ie giving candy and treats, allowing more screen time, outsourcing to coaches and teachers, etc. I also have a responsibility to use these short-term fixes wisely, while taking a better long term approach ie provide delicious healthy foods, spending time talking and reading, and teaching kids to play without apps.

It's my hope that creators will begin to consider the responsibility that comes along with the immense opportunities they've enabled. It may not be possible to change from the top. There is both and opportunity and responsibility to do so with new creations.

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