Monday June 22, 2020 |Notes

Change the default settings

When developing a new ecommerce site, there's a tendency among shop owners to look to add features, apps and services immediately. More time should be spent removing irrelevant default features and stripping away anything that doesn't serve a specific purpose from the start.

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Woocommerce make it relatively simple to get a site setup for digital commerce. Combined, the platforms are power over 80,000 of the top million sites. They are both extremely powerful and designed to work with thousands of types of businesses by default. Because the platforms were not made for any one specific business or industry, the platforms are designed to work for most use cases.

Take time to review how the default settings apply to your specific business. Remove the unused items. Simplify the site from the start in order to remove distractions and avoid making assumptions about what is needed on the site. Not every business is the same, and there is no 'average' businesses.

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