Tuesday May 26, 2020 |Notes

Local digital commerce with Shopify

Shopify has been busy adding features & services to better serve their store owners over the last few months. With many retail stores closed to in-store sales, one of the most in-demand features from local businesses is curbside pickup and local delivery. Shopify has addressed this issue by adding features to their platform for all merchants to offer these options for customers during checkout.

Over the course of the pandemic, curbside pickup & delivery has surged for retailers of all sizes, including Target, Whole Foods, and numerous local restaurants, albeit generally in a less streamlined manner. By offering this feature to all Shopify merchants, businesses of all sizes can now offer curbside pickup conveniently and easily to customers.

There's no need to work with another platform, pay additional fees, or build a custom solution. Instead, local businesses can more easily operate in a safe manner by limiting in-store shopping, utilizing contactless payment, and providing convenient delivery and pickup options that serve their existing local customers.

It's quite a refreshing contrast to giant marketplaces that generally have little regard for local commerce. Shopify is surging and looks well-positioned to continue that trajectory by working to help millions of other businesses.

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