Wednesday May 27, 2020 |Notes

Standing out in digital commerce

Many businesses are not going to survive the move to a digital economy. There's no room for average businesses that don't do something great. Businesses can't benefit from being physically next door to the most popular restaurant or being the only shop for miles around.

What worked before may not work now. The marketplace gets a lot more crowded when there aren't just a couple of other competitors nearby - there are dozens of competitors just a few clicks, taps, voice commands or keystrokes away.

Digital commerce doesn't need a thousand copies of every business. The best businesses win because they excel at something like nobody else can or is willing to do. Every business may be unique and that doesn't make them uncommon. There are plenty of "unique businesses."

Businesses that previously were able to stand out as uncommon will face difficulties as well. When great local businesses move online, they are able to reach a larger audiences and slowly become competitors with great local businesses from other areas.

The landscape of local business is changing and standing out will require viewing from a new perspective.

standing out in digital commerce

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