Sunday May 17, 2020 |Notes

Shopify traffic has nearly doubled in last 2 months

Yesterday, Shopify's CTO Jean-Michel Lemieux tweeted that Shopify is seeing Black Friday level traffic on a daily basis. The number of domains on Shopify has skyrocketed and traffic has nearly doubled in the past few months.

Prior to the covid pandemic, Shopify was already growing fast. The pandemic has greatly increased the pace of adoption(link) as new merchants open up ecommerce channels as new vital mediums for transactions, and existing merchants increase orders. This is true nearly for nearly every technology and innovation in the sudden forced shift to physical isolation.

There's been a lot of rightfully deserved attention to the growth of large ecommerce sites like amazon, Walmart, target, etc. It's more encouraging to see how millions of independent business can grow without the need for a marketplace intermediary.

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