Monday September 21, 2020 |Notes

False premises

Each day brings new questions of what is the right way to reopen. It's clear the best way is not through denial of a problem. Whether it's a 3 year old with a chocolate smeared lip denying taking the treat, or a business claiming COVID is a hoax, the right way forward is by accepting there is a problem.

It's frustrating that businesses have been closed, and the reopening process hasn't been smooth. This isn't due to targeting small businesses, nor due to a hoax. There's a literal global pandemic and the best way to manage is to recognize the problem and respond in a fitting manner. By denying the problem, the issue is only exacerbated.

Everyone wants the best outcome, which is a fast resolution. It's irresponsible to deny the existence of a problem and will only prolong the response. By accepting that there is a problem, it's possible to address it in a constructive manner.

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