Monday November 02, 2020 |Ecomloop Projects

Building an online Rx solution before Covid

Roughly a year ago, we were busily engaged with a psoriasis treatment startup in helping develop an online form for prescriptions, and ultimately treatment. We had trouble getting enough patients to both complete the form to apply for a prescription, and even more trouble converting patients to customers.

Ultimately, the company called in quits in early 2020, which may as well be half a decade ago in terms of digital adoption. It's easy to surmise that had the timing been slightly later, it may have been easier to get both new patients and customers. Whether out of necessity, or the willingness to try new solutions, a much wider swath of the general public is amenable to at home prescriptions now.

There were certainly plenty of other companies employing similar models successfully for eyecare, dental care, and others. The market has exploded since then, and its hard to imagine a trend reversal in the near future.

Digital commerce and solutions are now more ingrained in society, and as it becomes more commonplace and accepted, these trends will continue. 2020 will serve as a marker of a big step forward in how digital commerce is embraced, and this project sticks in my mind as a indicator of that shift.

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