Monday December 14, 2020 |Ecomloop Projects

A gift card valid for exchange and hundreds independent online stores

Gift cards have grown in popularity in the age of digital commerce. This year, gift cards are likely to be especially popular due to a shortage of inventory, a lack of local shopping options, and shipping delays. Gift cards at large retailers are popular but generally don't reflect that much though went into the gift. Meanwhile, gift cards given with the best of intent sometimes aren't a great fit, leaving many gift cards unused.

We released a gift card this week that can be used at hundreds of independent online stores. The goal is to give another option in gift cards that enables a wide variety of amazing brands, without going to mega-retailer or online marketplace.

The gift cards are listed for sale on Emprezzo. After purchase, the gift cards be exchanged for gift cards at any of the hundreds of shops listed on the site. Currently there are over 300 stores available, and more will be added as new gift cards are listed at various online stores.

Each emprezzo gift card can be exchanged for one or multiple gift cards, which makes them even more flexible than a single store gift card. We're working on adding the option to recommend a few stores to be sent along with the gift card, as well as integrating a donation option for each purchase.

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