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Rewarding prospects and customers with points

Well-designed customer loyalty programs give ecommerce brands an opportunity to create mutually beneficial programs for customers and the brand. By rewarding prospects and customers for actions and purchases, customers are able encouraged to become a repeat customer by getting special perks.

Shopify has a number of apps available to merchants looking to introduce points and rewards systems with built-in options for awarding points. Some apps also include API access where endpoints can easily be set to reward customers for virtually any action taken.

Here's a brainstorm on a number of ways that ecommerce brands can use loyalty programs.

  1. email signup: give new subscribers points for initial email sign. This is often the first step in the path towards becoming a customer and initial incentive to join besides a discount can help encourage those not intent on making a purchase immediately.
  2. account creation: similar to above and add opportunity to track points and complete checkout process later on.
  3. share link of site on social media: encourage visitors and customers help spread the word about the brand with social media posts. Organic posts are some of the most effective marketing posts and are well worth rewarding.
  4. social media follow: a simple way to boost counts and give users an easy way to get more points
  5. leave a comment on a blog: get more activity on a blog post and get customers more engaged with the brand's content
  6. post a photo of product: this can be done via social media or a direct upload on site.
  7. reward points for purchases: offer points based on the amount spent on any given purchase
  8. anniversary points: upon anniversary of first purchase, most recent purchase, or some other milestone remind & reward with free gift of points
  9. product reviews: get more reviews for products and help build social proof by awarding points for reviews
  10. store ratings: send customers to third-party ratings sites to leave feedback on brand
  11. interact with site: give customers a way to interact with products on site such as tagging, favorite, etc to encourage small actions and help customers discover products
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