Saturday October 24, 2020 |Uncommon Brands

Knockaround Sunglasses is an uncommon brand

Knockaround is a sunglass company with that sells affordable, high quality sunglasses, primarily via their own website. The company launched in 2005 and has excelled at ecommerce over the last 15 years. The site is designed well and makes great use of discounts, urgency, and communicating the brand's ethos.

The brand has been on my radar for nearly a decade and I've purchased over a dozen pairs for myself, as well as many for my kids and wife. Each time I go to order a pair, I noticed something else great about the brand including limited editions, brand collaborations, and new features.

If you are looking for examples of how to emphasize urgency, place a pair in your cart and sign up for the email list. The emails and offers are incredibly compelling and likely very effective. Knockaround is listed in the Emprezzo directory of great direct to consumer brands and currently ranks 152nd in terms of traffic rank.

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