Saturday April 04, 2020 |Notes

Groundhog Day & breaking physical barriers

We are all at home, surrounded by the same physical settings. That shouldn't limit our work and progress.

Recently, I've heard and read references to the monotony of each day, as we are confined to our homes and surrounded by the same physical surroundings. A good mentioned to me that it feels a bit like the film Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray plays a self-centered weatherman "stuck" covering Puxatawney Phil. Each morning, he wakes up in the same motel at 6am to relive the same day.

The story of Groundhog Day only begins with monotony - shown as the same setting and same people each day - and then shows us how it's the protagonist's perception that is the real problem.

He begins by using his "predictions" to win the lottery, impress with his Jeopardy knowledge, and otherwise look for personal gains. When he realizes those lead nowhere, he attempts to "escape" the loop by ending his life, only again to find himself back in his motel each morning.

Then he starts becoming interested in others, finds ways to help out, and otherwise each day better. This allows him to find joy in the same "monotony", which allows him to finally escape the loop. At that point, it's almost unnecessary because he's so interested in his everyday life, that it no longer seem monotonous.

We are all going through a tough time and it's only monotony if we let it be. Change the mindset, connect with others, and find ways to help. It will pay off for all of us.

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