Saturday June 13, 2020 |Notes

Getting the wrong response

It's hard to know exactly how an audience will react to a new product, even when it meets stated requirements. Sometimes it takes pushing things in new directions. While the product may be technically correct, that may not be enough for the product to stand on its own.

There are cases where audience asks for a product, gets it, and isn't overly impressed with the results. In these scenarios, there are essentially three options: abandon the project, continue bullheadedly, or adjust the product.

Abandoning may be the right choice in some cases and is a tough pill to swallow. There are few cases where it's worth continuing with the same product, assuming the audience will eventually get it.

In most cases, it's time to make the product better. Rather than working to check the boxes of the requirements, look for the bigger meaning of the project and for ways it can be done more effectively. Identify the parts that work well and expand upon those to create something. Then test it again. Digital products make it much easier to iterate and find the right response.

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