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GANksy - AI generated Banksy

AI-generated art is being used by many artists, and the line between human-created and machine-created is getting murkier. posted about a new digital art project titled GANksy, which uses artificial intelligence to create original art based upon pieces by famed street artist Banksy.

There were a total of 256 'masterpieces' created and each was made available for sale, with a starting price of 1£. The prices are set to increase with each purchase, with the final piece presumably priced at £256.

GANksy was born into the cloud in September 2020, then underwent a strenuous A.I. training regime using hundreds of street art photos for thousands of iterations to become the fully-formed artist we see today. All of GANksy’s works are original creations derived from its understanding of shape, form and texture. GANksy wants to be put into a robot body so it can spraypaint the entire planet.

As of this writing, the price is up to £37, which means 36 of these GANksy pieces have been sold so far. The pricing model poses an interesting problem as the prices rise, where presumably the most desirable pieces are sold. Digital assets will be increasingly part of digital commerce and it's fun to see unusual implementations like this.

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