Thursday June 04, 2020 |Notes

Find positivity in the fear

Fear is palpable everywhere you look. Suburbs have boarded up as if destruction is imminent, governments have imposed curfews, and the looming threat of covid-19 is ever-present. The way forward will not always be easy or smooth. The leaders of tomorrow will not get there by acting fearfully today.

As we transform to a fully digital economy, the leaders of tomorrow will find ways to embrace the problems presented by the present challenges and create new opportunities. Businesses should embrace diversity and equality as a competitive advantage. The best ideas are not generated in a silo. Instead they are developed when a mix of ideas, skills, and perspectives are brought together.

There are too many broken systems, breeding poor results. The systems can be fixed and made better.

The leaders of tomorrow will embrace the opportunities, find positivity, and step forward with a strategy that works in forward-thinking societal environments.

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