Saturday May 02, 2020 |Notes

Consumer convenience in digital commerce

Consumer convenience is drastically different in digital commerce than traditional retail. Businesses can no longer rely on location as a crux and must differentiate in other ways.

There are stores that rely on proximity to consumers as one of the main drivers of business. With few choices, it's less important to be great than to be available.

In the era of digital commerce, consumers are less hamstrung by choices than ever before. It's only a matter of keystrokes, taps and clicks to access millions of alternatives - less time than it takes to drive to the next store.

Amazon makes it convenient to shop their marketplace by supplying an endless catalog and nearly ubiquitous free express shipping. The number of products won't ever decrease and it's unlikely shipping will get slower. There's no reason to try to beat amazon in either area.

Instead, look at other ways to provide convenience. Shipping speed can only get so fast. Differentiate by developing knowledge that anticipates what your market wants before they even ask. Look beyond the data and numbers to find what's missing in the next phase, then fill that gap.

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