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Brainstorming email signup offers

Email remains one of the most enduring and successful channels to reach people. There's been a resurgence of email newsletters recently, with email platforms like Substack, Revue, and Tinyletter gaining traction to the point that paid newsletters have become quite popular for some writers. It's clear that email remains a valuable channel for reaching people, when people genuinely want to receive emails.

Getting new email subscribers is difficult, and it should be. Most people don't want their inbox cluttered with emails and are reluctant to give away their addresses. Most ecommerce sites offer discounts in exchange for email signup. While effective, there are other methods worth exploring. Here's a brainstorm on ideas of getting more email signups on ecommerce sites:

  1. Percent discounts. Most common on ecommerce sites.
  2. Dollar discounts, Less common, worth testing. Especially with minimum.
  3. Customer points. Offer reward points in exchange for signups.
  4. Access exclusive products. Add a gate to some categories, collections or products.
  5. Digital collectible. Create a digital asset to give away new signups.
  6. Community access. Develop a social forum for customers.
  7. Digital assets. Offer free digital solutions & guides.
  8. Contest entry. Promote a giveaway contest with email entries.
  9. Blog signups. Demonstrate valuable insight into niche that gets audience's attention.
  10. Chatbot help. Implement a chatbot to automate email collection after providing free help.
  11. Create an email based solution. Write a simple email course around a niche topic.

And a couple of reminders to help increase signups, regardless of the offer:

  • Provide links samples of past emails
  • Insure of privacy & easy opt out
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