Tuesday June 30, 2020 |Notes

Acknowledge the problem

By definition, problem-solving only exists when there is a problem. There's no benefit to denying the problem and progress towards solving the issue can only begin once the problem is acknowledged. Whether it's conversion rate optimization, covid, or racism, a better outcome can only be achieve by accepting that the current situation can be improved.

With our conversion rate optimization services, we begin by conducting an Audit & Recommendations Report where we analyze existing data, review for CRO best practices, and produce a custom report with recommended next steps. Typically, clients are open to the feedback and ready to make changes.

On occasion, clients immediately push back against the recommendations, insisting the current design is perfect, that their situation is different, and generally being resistant to testing any changes. It's a somewhat perplexing response, given that the clients are looking to improve conversions. The pushback is somewhat defensive, as though it's a personal criticism, while the client insists upon getting more out of the status quo.

Yesterday, Michael Barbaro interviewed the head of a police union on the NYT Daily Podcast. Somewhat astonishingly, the officer repeatedly insisted there were no racial issues, while insisting the problem was perception. He believes the current system is great and that the police need to do a better job of getting minority communities to understand this.

This fits the same narrative as those denying covid is a problem in their area. When a disease in unseen, travels quickly, and forces people to change living patterns regardless of shutdowns, it's a problem.

There's no point insisting problems don't exist. The only way to improve is to begin by acknowledging them.

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