Tuesday December 08, 2020 |Tech Tools

Word notebooks for daily notes

word notebooks

Word Notebooks are the perfect size notebook for someone who writes small. While a notebook is decidedly not a tech tool, pen and paper can drastically improve the output of digital efforts.

I've used this particular brand for years because they fit in pocket, don't fall apart, and have a format that is open to nearly any note taking system. It helps tp gather thoughts outside of the digital environment, especially early in development. There's an endless number of items that can be improved upon, and it's worth taking time to reflect on the most important items that will move the project forward.

Digital development is an ongoing process, and there should be a long of great potential ideas. Picking the right next steps is generally more important than merely jumping at the first idea. My time seems especially short lately, and I've tried to emphasize the use of notebooks. It's helped me uncover some roadblocks and identify sidetracked efforts.

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