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Useful domain tools

It's not uncommon for digital-native companies to manage multiple domains. As an ecommerce agency, we are well-versed in managing a full host of domains for our own projects and for clients' projects. In some cases we only manage the domain and generally turn to Google Domains. In many cases, we've helped generate the domain name.

There are countless options available for managing domains, as well as generating new domain names. Some of our favorite tools include:

  • google domains( - simple domain management with straightforward pricing. All domains include privacy features without any additional fees.
  • domainr( - really useful service for brainstorming available .com domains
  • for finding expired domains that may have traffic and or existing backlinks
  • NameMesh( - another service for finding domain names. This tool includes nearly every domain extension

The number of domain extensions' has exploded in the last few years, and it's still uncommon to see some of the new endings in use. We recently registered a .DEV domain, which only became available to the general public in March of 2019. Google owns the domain and previously restricted the TLD to internal projects previously. Prior to this release, some developers used .DEV for internal frameworks, which then stopped functioning.

The number of domains in the world continues to grow and it's becoming harder to even track the extensions available. Some of our favorite tools for helping with managing and identify domains include Google Domains, Domainr, ExpiredDomains, and NameMesh.

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