Wednesday May 13, 2020 |Notes

Pandemic driven ecommerce

Yesterday, Adobe reported that ecommerce sales grew by 49% between the first half of March before most shelter-in-place restrictions began, and April. As I've written previously, the coronavirus pandemic will serve as the biggest single catalyst in the transfomration to digital commerce and the numbers are beginning to show the massive surge.

The report included stats on sales across various categories, and unsuurprisingly groceries saw the biggest increase, with a 110% gain. Presumably, shopping via services like Instacart is included in groceris, which sold over $700 million of groceries in the first two weeks of April alone.

This shift to online spending follows a long running trend, and while some shopping may only be a temporary shift, most of this spending will never revert to offline channels. The infrastructure is already built for great ecommerce - and it's only getting better. Many consumers have yet to discover the diverse selection of millions of independent sellers. As consumers become accustomeed to the conveneince and diversity, its hard to see the trend reversing any time soon.

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