Tuesday November 10, 2020 |Tech Tools

Dell XPS 13

Most of my computing experience in on Windows machines. After changing over to Apple products for about 7 years after college, I switched back over to a touchscreen Zenbook and after a couple years of not using the touchscreen, purchased a Dell XPS 13.

It's the best laptop I've owned and I don't miss the touchscreen. With a bright office, I went with a matte screen to reduce glare and have found it easier on my eyes, and significantly better on battery performance. There are days where I can go over 8 hours without plugging in if working in mostly light-CPU intensive tasks.

Years ago I recall hearing computer buying advice to neve skimp on the RAM and have always followed that line of thinking when upgrading machines. Even with 16gb of RAM, I've occasionally run into memory issues when developing intensive applications, (some of which may just be in of some dev tweaking).

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