Thursday November 19, 2020 |Big tech trends

Data privacy & digital platform silos

There's a trend among consumers and regulators pushing for data privacy. There are many rightful concerns about how data is being used by companies of all sizes, which includes some of the major tech platforms. While users continue to voice concerns about data privacy, the popularity of tech platforms has not rescinded leading one to surmise that people don't care enough about data privacy to make a change in their own habits.

Tech is often looked at as some single-minded enterprise, and that would be akin to equating all institutions that focus on money as a financial company. There are plenty of bad banks, and there should be regulation. It also shouldn't be expected that regulation will suddenly change the way many of the biggest offenders of data privacy ethics. The big tech platforms are made up of the same decision makers and cultures that were bread from a Zuckerberg ethos of "your data is my opportunity".

Rather than shift away form using data, the big tech platforms are moving to protect the data available to them by creating digital silos that keep users on the platform. In moves that beckon back to the days of AOL & Prodigy, and followed by the likes of Yahoo, platforms are developing silos experiences that rarely send users to any third party platforms.

Entertainment, commerce, and communication were at one point separate categories of the internet. The web is shifting back towards that, and it's difficult to experience the 'open web' as it once way. For the likes of the current big tech aristocracy, this is a shift away from when they served as parts of a greater web experience. It didn't work well in the past, and it shouldn't be assumed this shift will prove successful in the years ahead.

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