Client: Ranch Road Boots | January 2019

Email signup optimization for leather boot company

Ranch Road Boots wanted to get more visitors onto their email marketing list. They were running paid search campaigns on Google and Facebook and had found that most new customers purchased after signing up for an email list, rather than upon first visit to the site.

The shop was setup on the Shopify platform and integrated with Privy for email signup forms. Privy was configured to add new signups to automated email flows in Klaviyo.

We delved into the existing analytics and found that nearly 80% of traffic was coming from mobile devices. After testing the signup forms on mobile real mobile devices and via brrowser simulation tools, we identified a handful of potential issues with the existing mobile UX and implemented tests for new solutions.

The a/b tests were implememented directly in Privy, and with the paid search traffic, we were able to gather data quickly. Within 1 week, we saw increases of ~20% in signup rates. Looking into the numbers further, we identified the winning campaigns, then pushed these out to the majority of traffic.

In the end, Ranch Road Boots got a nearly 60% boost in signups, with email conversion rates almost equal to the pre-signup rates. In effect, the same ad spend lead to a nearly 35% greater ROAS for the same campaigns - without any optimization to the ad campaigns.

The project was a great opoprtunity to get much more out of existing efforts - in a short period of time - rather than adding new things on top of existing efforts.

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Platforms & technologies

Shopify, Klaviyo, Privy, Google Analytics

Email signups with Privy

Privy is one of the most powerful email signup apps for Shopify. The client had recently upgraded and wated to make use of their a/b split testing features to get more email signups.

Backend integration with Klaviyo

Email signup offers included various signup discount offers, which were passed to Klaviyo in order to use same codes and offers in email marketing.

Built into Shopify site

Signup form and a/b tests were conducted on the existing Shopify site
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