Weekly Loop: AI, Shopping by Images, Crowdfunding

This week, our links include multiple links on marketing and artificial intelligence, selling on Instagram stories, SEO via Google image search, big-time crowdfunding, big-time solopreneurs, and a comparison of ecommerce business models.

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“most powerful tool we have to reach epic status is AI that augments our natural skills.”

Here’s How AI Will Pull Content Marketing Back From the Brink of Destruction
jwlee@hubspot.com (Justin Lee) Marketing

“An AI-enabled platform allows you to serve the perfect content and products throughout a user’s experience, increasing the likelihood of a conversion while keeping the churn rate low.”1

“Starting today, hitting a little shopping bag sticker in a Story will lead you to more details”

Instagram adds shopping tags directly into Stories
Taylor Hatmaker eCommerce – TechCrunch

“It’s a simple addition, but given the success of Stories it’s a potent one for brands that drive sales on the platform.”2

“POD…is ideal for stores starting out. It’s also great if you want to grow your business and test new products.”

What’s What: Drop Shipping vs. Print on Demand vs. Warehousing & Fulfillment
Liva Spandega Blog – Printful

“POD also lets you take more risks with the designs you offer – you can come up with something more unusual and see if your customers dig the new thing. “3

“You want AI that works for you and makes your role smoother.”

AI is the retail marketing assistant of the future (a.k.a The Return of Clippy)
Djalal Lougouev How to Win at Ecommerce


“cumulatively, over now seven campaigns, we’ve raised about $15.5 million.”

How Peak Design Raised Over $14 Million on Kickstarter
Andrew Youderian eCommerceFuel

“cumulatively, over now seven campaigns, we’ve raised about $15.5 million.”5

” quick hacks that can help you drive more e-commerce sales by focusing on optimizing for Google image searches”

How To Use Google Images to Drive E-commerce Sales Before Your Competitors Catch On
Neil Patel The Kissmetrics Marketing Blog

“With this new visit-oriented searching system, Google has created a backdoor for small brands to sell with organic traffic despite otherwise strong search results.”6

Looking to grow a solo business? Listen to this @tferriss podcast with Elaine Pofeldt @ElainePofeldt

One-Person Businesses That Make $1M+ Per Year
Tim Ferriss The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

” case studies of people who have used it as a blueprint to build successful businesses as detailed in The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business “7




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