Combine Shopify and Voodoo 3D printing to quickly create custom cookie cutters for your next batch of Rachael Ray inspired mouth-watering treats this holiday season 

Weekly Loop #23

Combine Shopify and Voodoo 3D printing to quickly create custom cookie cutters for your next batch of Rachael Ray inspired mouth-watering treats this holiday season

There’s nothing quite like the smell of warm cookies coming fresh out of the oven during the holiday season. With that inspiration, and my own interest in testing out the Shopify Voodoo 3D Printing app, I decided to create my own set of holiday cookie cutters this past week.

About Voodoo 3D Printing

The Voodoo app was only recently released, and we included the news of the release in Weekly Loop #19 in early November. At the time of install, it has a solid 5 star rating, albeit from just 8 reviews.

The premise of the Voodoo app is simple: create custom 3d printed products and offer them for sale on your site. Similar to Printful or other print-on-demand merchandise apps, Voodoo 3D Printing takes care of the printing and shipping to the end customer.

How the Voodoo Shopify App Works

While Voodoo offers many custom 3d printing options on their own site, the Shopify Voodoo app is much simpler. After installing the app, you’ll be given 3 product options: cookie cutters, coasters, and wall hooks, with jewelry dishes “coming soon.”

After selecting a product, you’ll have the option to select a quantity of items to print. This designs do not need to be unique so it’s easy to create sets. Pricing starts around $5 for a single product and gets to around $4 per piece in larger quantities.

Once you’ve selected the quantity, the app loads a designer screen. Each design requires an SVG file, which is an XML-based vector image format. Voodoo gives some guidance on how to create these, although I ran into trouble with one of the tools mentioned.

In my case, I found files using our FlatIcon Premium account. Since files must be solid or just an outline, I converted the files to be one solid color and converted from PNG to SVG using Voodoo’s recommended tool. Unfortunately, those files wouldn’t load within the Voodoo app so I ended up editing the Flaticon files directly then downloading SVG files.

Publishing & Ordering Samples

voodoo cookie cuters 3d printing shopifyAfter uploading all designs, you are presented with options to set titles, descriptions, prices, and tags. Again, it’s a process familiar to any of the print-on-demand merchandise apps.

It takes a few minutes for the product to be created within Voodoo. Once it is, you can order samples at cost, which includes shipping. Printing time is stated to be just two days, with shipping via USPS.

I’ve yet to see the results and I will update once I do. The process was extremely easy and has left me brainstorming new ideas for a new 3D printing project – and looking forward to a batch of holiday cookies!


Summary: The Voodoo 3D Printing App for Shopify makes it easy to add 3D printed products on demand to your site. We tried it this week to create some custom cookie cutters for the holidays. Read what we think of the app. 


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