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EcomLoop strives to create better ecommerce businesses by bringing together members of the ecommerce community. We believe the collaboration of sellers, service providers, freelancers, consultants and others can help build more sustainable, profitable businesses.

I’ve worked in ecommerce since 2005. In that time, I’ve used many platforms, experienced ups and downs and learned a lot. One thing that’s remained constant is that it’s a lot easier when working with others. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, learning new tactics, getting an another viewpoint, hiring others to do what they do best, or forming partnerships, the result is nearly always the same: gaining meaningful value from someone outside the organization.

Ecommerce has changed a lot since I opened my first eBay shop. Large players, especially Amazon and Alibaba, have grown do dominate the global landscape. Still, ecommerce is relatively young. At the time of this writing, ecommerce accounts for just 8.5% of total retail spending in the US and only 8.7% worldwide.  There’s been slow steady growth over the years, but no exponential gains. That seems likely to change in the coming years.

Thus far, there’s been a relatively clear distinction between physical (brick-and-mortar) commerce and ecommerce, but that line has started to blur. It’s now possible to shop online/pickup in store, shop in store/checkout on mobile, and shop in-store/must ship to home. And of course, faster delivery times are making the need to shop in-store even less compelling. It’s all powered by new technologies, and rather than be fearful that big corporations will be the only ones to benefit, we’re excited about the possibilities for the rest of us.

Beyond delivery times, commerce is going to change immensely in the coming years. The outlook isn’t good for physical retail stores, but the opportunities for ecommerce are incredible to think about. Artificial intelligence, including predictive analytics, conversational commerce, and chatbots will completely change how people shop and create all types of new opportunities. The rise of alternative currencies will have a big effect on payment methods, and reduce the barriers to cross-border shopping.

The nature of jobs is changing as well. Many jobs are being eliminated, and retail will be hit particularly hard. It’s a major shift but it’s happened before. Rather than looking at the negative, I’m excited about the opportunities created by these new technologies. New categories of jobs will be created, and with jobs becoming less dependent on location, it’ll be easier to focus on unique specialties no matter where you live. And it’s easier than ever for businesses to focus on unique niches previously deemed too small.

At EcomLoop, I want to bring together people that are interested in the future of ecommerce, and aren’t ready to leave it all to big corporations. I’ve got lots of ideas for the future of the site, but this is about the community. If you’re a seller, freelancer, consultant, or service provider, and are excited about the new possibilities of ecommerce, I invite you to apply to join our private Facebook group today. Also, be sure to sign up for our email list to be the first to hear of new developments.


Andrew @ EcomLoop
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