OpenBazaar is a completely decentralized marketplace. Based on blockchain and crytpocurrency technologies, it just may be the future of ecommerce and replace centralized marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and others.

With OpenBazaar, transactions are conducted peer-to-peer and without any central authority. Anyone can list, and there are no fees for using the OB marketplace. Payments are made in crypto and held by a third-party in escrow until 2 of 3 parties agree to release payment.

Originally, the marketplace only used Bitcoin and has since introduced Bitcoin Cash. CEO Brian Hoffman has mentioned additional currencies may be added in the future. Cryto price volatility is likely a hindrance towards adoption of the platform, as values change drastically and users are hesitant to buy or sell at any given time.

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OpenBazaar considers P2P crypto trading

OpenBazaar considers P2P crypto trading

In a recent post on the OpenBazaar blog, they proposed the idea of allowing users to trade cryptocurrency on the platform....

OpenBazaar is an “Anarchist eBay On Acid”

OpenBazaar is an “Anarchist eBay On Acid”

More on OpenBazaar, which I’ve covered a few times recently while looking into decentralized marketplaces. This comes from a Forbes...

ob1 raises 5 million go grow openbazaar decentralized marketplace

OB1 raises $5 million to Grow OpenBazaar

OB1, the development company behind OpenBazaar, has raised another $5 million to grow their decentralized marketplace

Anonymous Transactions and Potential for Abuse

Anonymous Transactions and Potential for Abuse

Decentralized marketplace OpenBazaar allows for anonymous transactions. How big is the potential for abuse for illegal activities? Silk Road 2.0?

is openbazaar the future of ecommerce

Is OpenBazaar the future of ecommerce?

Is OpenBazaar the future of ecommerce? A decentralized marketplace may be the answer to the problems with marketplaces like Shopify. There's a long way to go and a huge opportunity. Check out what CEO Brian Armstrong had to say in an interview in late 2017.