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Grow your ecommerce site with Shopify help from experienced Shopify experts.  Shopify developer and marketing solutions to develop new sites, improve existing sites, and implement long-term strategies for conversion rate optimization. Check out our existing help plans or contact us for more help with shopify today.

Get Shopify help with a new or existing store from Shopify experts. 

We've worked with dozens of businesses to develop new stores & improve existing stores on the Shopify platform. 

Our Shopify support services are setup to get your organization started right away with a solution that fits your business. 

If you haven't yet setup a Shopify site, we can help:  
>> help evaluate whether is the right platform for your needs
>> walk through the setup and configuration process
>> identify & document actionable next steps to get your store going

And if your business is already using Shopify, we'll help:
>> evaluate site for conversion rate optimization best practices
>> advice on new apps and third-party integrations
>> review analytics to identify problem areas


Guided Service

  • Get unlimited Shopify help via our private email & Slack channel
  • Access checklists & guides for best practices for setting up Shopify sites, configuring Google Analytics, and following conversion rate optimization best practices (includes PDF & online versions)

Managed Service

  • everything in Nimble plan
  • monthly 30 minute discussion
  • custom monthly strategy plan with actionable next steps 
  • 3 done-for-you tasks per month


  • everything in Nimble & Active plans
  • done-for-you full-service management 


We're Shopify experts and provide shopify help. To contact Shopify directly, check out the Shopify Help Center.

We're Shopify experts and provide shopify help. To contact Shopify directly, call(888) 746-7439, (888) 746-7439, or (855) 816-3857.

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The Shopify guru who has been one of the most influential and influential people in the world of e-commerce for over 20 years. Sources: 4

These gurus are able to answer specific questions about Shopify's plans and other resources that will help you solve your problems. The shopify Forum is a great place for all leading e-commerce companies and shopifying community members to discuss the platform together. Also on the Shopified support channel is the Shopifying Changelog, which is to be informed about current updates of the platforms. Sources: 4, 6

You may want to use the forum for questions you know you've asked before, but if you can't find an answer, start a new thread. If you're looking for more information on how to make your own store multilingual, take a look at this forum discussion that summarizes the methods. Sources: 2, 6

If you have previously reviewed the Brooklyn Shopify theme, you can click here for more information. From here we can search for documentation on features and topics related to shopifying. Sources: 2

From the dashboard in the Shopify Help Center, you can be redirected to a huge amount of content, including tips on selling your e-commerce products and services, and shopping tips and tricks. RisePro offers many resources, but most notable is its Live Instagram marketing tool for business owners who want to gain more followers, traffic and e-commerce sales from Instagram, in a step-by-step process. This is a source that is ideal for any Shopify retailer who wants to use Instagram marketing to increase traffic to their online store. Sources: 2, 4

Whether you are a newcomer to Shopify who is making a name for yourself in the e-commerce world, or an experienced shopkeeper willing to make a comfortable profit from his business, you need help and support from Shopify. You can work directly with a Shopify Admin or you can set up via the Shopified Experts Marketplace. If you find any of the Shopify support options listed above useful, you should consider regaining the favor through group discussions on our community forums to share the lessons you are learning with other entrepreneurs. Sources: 0, 4

If you need inspiration to create something stunning, you need inspiration. Stick to your own Shopify website and then browse through some of the most beautiful websites out there on Shopified. Sources: 0

Become the best Shopify app you can use for better results and efficient sales, and Shopified can help you start a great e-commerce store because there is support for you. Sources: 0, 7

To help you build a great e-commerce store that has the potential to be profitable, you need to contact a Shopify development agency. A large number of e-commerce companies are struggling to be profitable due to the lack of support and support from their development agencies. Sources: 7

The platform enabled users without programming knowledge to set up their own online shops. Shopify has a YouTube channel dedicated to the general problems users can encounter, such as a lack of support from their development agency. Sources: 2, 7

Last but not least, the community area of the Shopify Help Center can help retailers connect with other real users who may face similar challenges. Although all the support features we discussed in the earlier sections of this article are included in all available Shopify plans, there are other options that need to be considered. Shopified users have several options available, such as a free subscription or monthly subscription. Sources: 2

The Shopify Gurus are a great resource, but if you are coming from a Shopified account with billing problems or have other problems with your Shopify account, such as billing problems, they are the best place to contact them. They can also help you develop themes and apps in-house on Shopifying, and are able to help you with all your other needs, including adding and managing account billing, customer service, account management and other related issues. When contacting them, don't forget to help them with all other aspects of their service, including add-ons, managing your accounts, support, maintenance and more, as well as support for your business. Sources: 5

Shopify experts are the curated community of agencies and freelancers who build and design beautiful custom stores. They are designers, developers and consultants who offer additional services to expand the basis of the Shopify platform. What do you do with the services and products you offer through your Brick & Mortar Store and what do you sell online? Sources: 0, 5

We are the leading manufacturer of e-commerce websites for companies of all sizes that offer their products online. The native checkout feature is limited to Snapchat users in the US and Shopify, but not in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Australia. Sources: 0

This technique allows you to look only at the URL that contains your search term and never return. You can then immediately answer your question and return to the search results page. Sources: 0, 1

Shopify Live Chat is a tool that can help you keep shoppers on your site longer. In the chat, Shopify helps you learn more about the tactics used by leading customer service teams. If you are using a free theme from shopify, please contact the Shopifying Support Team and find a guide to help you.