Paid Search Help

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Get help with a new or existing paid search campaigns for digital commerce. 

We've worked with dozens of businesses to develop new campaigns & improve existing campaigns on ad platforms including Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon Advertising.

Our services are setup to get your organization started right away with a solution that fits your business. 

If you haven't yet setup a paid search campaign we can help:  
>> help evaluate the right advertising platforms for your organization
>> walk through the setup and configuration process
>> identify & document actionable next steps to get your site continually testing and improving

And if your business is already utilizing paid search campaigns, we can help:
>> evaluate site for conversion rate optimization best practices
>> identify areas to reduce costs & wasted spend
>> review analytics to identify problem areas & new opportunities

Details on our Solutions: 


  • Get your questions answered via our private email & Slack chats
  • Access checklists & guides for best practices for setting up new paid search campaigns, configuring tracking and analytics, and following paid search best practices
  • Lifetime access to our Slack & email chats and all new & updated digital material


  • everything in Nimble plan
  • 25 minute one-on-one discussion
  • review of existing analytics & data
  • customized strategy plan with actionable next steps


  • everything in Nimble & Active plans
  • done-for-your services after initial review
  • we implement & manage each step, working with you along the way
  • 10 hours of paid search management time 

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Paid Search Advertising, better known as Pay-per-Click (PPC), is a powerful tool to generate instant leads and grow your business. The SEO basics you need to know are when you want to hire someone in the house, but it also represents a great opportunity for buyers looking for a product or service that uses keywords to find it on Google or other search engines. Sources: 2

Your website must be visible and here you can benefit from PPC advertising (pay-per-click). It should consist of a list of words and phrases that are used to find your business, product or website. Sources: 0, 2

If you want to attract new customers in droves, you need to position your business where potential customers will spend their time online. If you have an effective e-commerce PPC management system, it can help boost sales and expose your product to a steady stream of new customers. Sources: 0

TheeCommerce's pay-per-click (PPC) experts can help you reach your target audience and leverage a diverse arsenal of paid advertising strategies to reach customers. They can operate in a variety of ways, from direct to consumer advertising (D2P) to social media and mobile advertising. Sources: 0, 4

You also apply SEO optimization (search engine optimization), which uses your online presence to market your business. Atlanta pay-per-click services include proven PPC management for online advertising, social media, mobile and mobile advertising. Our e-commerce marketing agency develops campaigns for you in AdWords and Bing to produce effective keywords in search engines for text-based ads. Sources: 4, 6

Our Atlanta PPC Advertising Management experts can tailor paid search campaigns that indicate the geographic reach of your ads. Our authors can create custom pay-per-search ads for you in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Bing Search. By searching in your area, geo-targeted, local P CPC can make your campaigns more successful. Sources: 6

Regardless of the size of your business, our Atlanta PPC management team can develop a pay-per-click strategy that delivers results. Paid search, also called paid per click, is the most effective way for an e-commerce business to get to the top. The fastest way to get more traffic to your site is to create paid search ads for Google, Yahoo, Bing and Bing Search. Sources: 6, 8

A recent survey found that 99% of online retailers spend at least $1.5 million per month on paying per click for search advertising. Sources: 8

As the saying goes, not all customers are created the same, and likewise not every paid search campaign can deliver the same value, but all search campaigns do. Sources: 8

A well-executed campaign can bring a significant amount of traffic to your landing page, which ultimately leads to more revenue for your online store. If you want to start a paid search campaign, it makes sense to start with AdWords first, but the amount of traffic you can expect depends on a number of variables. Sources: 1

The industry and the individual competitiveness of your target keyphrases have a significant impact on the number of clicks and the amount of traffic you receive. If you compare PPC agencies that specialize in e-commerce and pay per click, you have to understand how much it costs. By 2020, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that the cost of e-commerce P CPC will total $1.5 billion a year in advertising and marketing costs and $2.4 billion in marketing and advertising costs for online retailers. Sources: 1, 7

If you know the driving forces behind agency rates, you can limit your choice and sign up the best companies for your business. Sources: 7

If you would like to chat with a reputable agency that offers PPC services for e-commerce, please contact us for more information. Sources: 7

As an experienced and established PPC agency, WebFX can develop tailor-made and competitive strategies to increase the traffic and sales of your online shop. If you are ready to increase your turnover and expand your business in e-commerce with our P CPC services, then we are the agency for you. Now that you know how much eCommerce PPC costs, you will be ready to advertise for us. Sources: 7

Call us at 888 - 601 - 5359 or contact us online to get started, or call us directly at [email protected] for more information. Sources: 7

Once your e-commerce business is successful, you need to understand all the products in your catalog. You will forget to know the needs of your customers and you will have to maintain an updated database of your entire marketing. Our leading agency in the search engine marketing industry, Search Marketing Solutions, takes e-commerce companies to the next level with proven techniques and strategies. Sources: 5

Today, our sister publication is dedicated to publishing news, analysis and advice to help small and local businesses succeed online. Therefore, we will give you a foretaste and familiarize you with the core functions and roles. PPC page to help you get started and how we have been providing you with news and analysis tips as well as expert tips and tricks for a long time.