GatsbyJS Help


Get help with a new or existing GatsbyJS site. GatsbyJS will drastically increase the speed and performance of your digital commerce site and help your organization take advantage of headless ecommerce. 

We've worked with clients to deliver Gatsby ecommerce sites configured with Shopify. 

Our services are setup to get your organization started right away with a solution that fits your business.

If you haven't yet setup a Gatsby site, we can help:
>> help evaluate whether GatsbyJS is the right platform for your needs
>> walk through the setup and configuration process
>> identify & document actionable next steps to get your GatsbyJS ecommerce project going

And if your business is already using Gatsby, we'll help:
>> evaluate site for opportunities to better leverage the best features of Gatsby
>> advice on new apps and third-party integrations
>> review analytics to identify problem areas



  • Get your questions answered via our private email & slack chats
  • Access checklists & guides for best practices for setting up Shopify sites, configuring Google Analytics, and following conversion rate optimization best practices.
  • Lifetime access Slack & email chats, and all new & updated digital material
  • everything in Nimble plan
  • 25 minute one-on-one discussion
  • review of existing analytics & data
  • customized strategy plan with actionable next steps


  • everything in Nimble & Active plans
  • done-for-your services after initial review
  • we implement & manage each step, working with you along the way
  • 10 hours of Gatsby site development & customization time


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What is GatsbyJS

GatsbyJS has been around since 2015, and the first release was on October 6, 2015, to be precise. Sources: 3

Long story short, Gatsby is a static website generator that combines the best of both worlds: the ability to provide you with a powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use build system. If a website uses only static files, you get a flat file in return, which is generated during the build. If the entire site is in a series of static files, then the content is cached in the state of the site since the last build was last executed. With a catch: If the content of a build that has been executed is cached, it behaves like the previous build, except for a few minor changes. Sources: 0, 3

If you run Gatsby during the build step, you can use Webpack to minimize the entire HTML, CSS, and JS bundle and then reload it in the browser. Sources: 0

To ensure that your site is fast and no manual tuning is required, Gatsby automates the process of inlining critical styles, lazy-load resources and fetch resources in advance to ensure the best possible performance. It features upcoming image optimization, including the use of progressive image loading to render content interactive pages as quickly as possible. Sources: 0, 2

Gatsby sites donat need a server to host the entire site while the server represents the site for you. Many of them can be hosted on a single web server, such as a web browser or mobile app, or even in the cloud. Sources: 2

According to the website, Gatsby is a free open source framework based on React that helps developers develop lightning-fast websites and apps. In other words, it allows you to develop your website by using React with exactly the content sources you want. Open the racy - fast - Sites directory in your code editor of your choice, and you're ready to go. Sources: 2, 7

At its core, Gatsbyjs is a static website generator: it creates static assets for your website, which you then use to upload seamlessly to your web host. At the time of construction, it will fetch data from the specified sources and transform your website into a series of static HTML files optimized for performance. HTML contained in the static object, and then when it is created - it feeds all this data and converts it to HTML. Sources: 6, 7

Due to Gatsbyjs optimization, these assets are amazingly powerful and lead to very fast web page speeds. According to its website, Gatby is an open source framework based on React that helps developers develop lightning-fast websites and apps. This gives you access to a wide range of assets such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and CSS. It's also free, which means businesses can launch quickly, and it's available for free on a number of web hosting providers. Sources: 5, 6

Gatsby is experiencing a huge boom these days, and so many people are trying to recognize its use without realizing its use because there are no alternatives. To get your website generated with Gatby at lightning speed, you need to have both and respond, but these are just a few examples of the features. Sources: 1, 5

To help you make informed decisions about your business, we take a look at GatbyJS, a web solution that is taking the industry by storm. WordPress themes are not the only options available for Gat by default in the development environment for Gatsby web applications. Sources: 1

Simply put, this means that we have combined the best features of Gat by default with a range of plugins for WordPress, Contentful and Algolia to create a single solution that all web developers like to use. This plugin can help you integrate source data of WordPress and satisfied CMSs and help with tools like Al golia. We use the precompilation capabilities to create web pages that use static files, resulting in a much faster and more efficient development environment for Gatsby web applications. Images are managed as lazy - loaded, optimized images, with the ability to load images from a variety of sources such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Flickr, etc. Sources: 1, 4

Gatsby also has an API that greatly facilitates the development of static pages, the createPage API, which makes it easy to convert markdown files into static pages with build-time templates. And finally, we have a great component that simplifies the process of routing and linking and handling images that are not included in the core library of React. Sources: 4

Gatsby is a lightning-fast static website generator that builds on React and GraphQL and allows you to query your data at will. With Gatby, you can now create a React app and get server-side rendering automatically. You can also build with many different types of data, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and expose them in a variety of ways, making it easy for those of you who want to create many websites with them