Digital Commerce Strategy Plan

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Get help with a digital commerce strategy plan for your business. 

Digital commerce is thriving and we are in the midst of the single biggest catalyst to a digital economy. 

We've worked with dozens of clients to implement and leverage digital commerce strategies that enhance the best of your business and expands audience reach. 

Our services are setup to get your organization started right away with a solution that fits your business. 

If you haven't yet establish a digital commerce strategy, we can help:
>> help evaluate the right tech stack and digital platforms for your business
>> walk through the initial steps & setup process
>> identify & document actionable next steps to get your project off to a great start

And if your business is already leveraging digital commerce, we'll help:
>> evaluate your strategy for opportunities to better leverage the best of current technologies
>> advice on new apps and third-party integrations
>> review analytics to identify problem areas



  • Get your questions answered via our private email & slack chats
  • Access checklists & guides for best practices for digital commerce, including recommended tech stacks, services, apps and platforms
  • Lifetime access to Slack & email chats, plus access all new & updated digital material
  • everything in Nimble plan
  • 25 minute one-on-one discussion
  • review of existing analytics & data
  • customized strategy plan with actionable next steps


  • everything in Nimble & Active plans
  • done-for-your services after initial review
  • we implement & manage each step, working with you along the way
  • 10 hours of implementation work on digital commerce strategy 


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What is Digital Commerce?

Digital commerce (or d-commerce) is the process of using digital products, services and services for the purchase of goods or services from a customer. While marketing is often ownership and management, digital commerce includes an integrated set of personalized digital experiences. Examples of digital commerce are the marketing activities that support the transaction, including the people, processes and technologies that are carried out at each touchpoint of the customer's purchasing journey. Sources: 7

Digital Commerce 360 provides digital strategies for retailers, manufacturers, merchants and more. Building on the vision of Internet Retailer (r) Magazine, launched in 1999, we have evolved into a leading media and research organization providing comprehensive information on digital commerce, digital marketing and digital strategy. We organize informational webinars, publish a monthly magazine, e-commerce blog and online content, and offer a wide range of online and in-person events, such as the annual Digital Commerce Summit and Digital Commerce Conference. Sources: 6

Digital commerce helps organizations generate revenue by integrating mobile commerce and payment. As part of the rebranding project, B2BecNews subscribers will now receive their e-mails from Digital Commerce 360 (B 2B) and receive e-mails from Digital Commerce 360 Retail. Subscribers to B1B News and DigitalCommerce 360 Business News as well as members of our e-commerce team will now receive all their e-mails from digital commerce360. Sources: 1, 6

The growing number of online shoppers around the world is enabling retailers to increase their presence on the internet. Local trade can also be used to provide consumers with personalised offers based on their location by using GPS technology. These new tools and capabilities make it easier for retailers in all vertical areas to drive e-commerce sales through their own real estate. Organisations can use social commerce via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Sources: 1, 5

Advanced e-commerce functions take the friction out of online cash registers through the media - enabling the checkout and shortening the step from discovery to purchase. Sources: 5

According to Spiegel, the D2C marketing model enables traditional CPG brands to bring new products to market in test series and to gain insights more quickly and cost-effectively. Consumer goods companies that want to win online must determine the impact of their respective categories on sales and customer loyalty. Understanding the actions taken in D-2C testing can provide brands with rich first insights - knowledge that can feed into larger campaign strategies for retailers. Sources: 4, 5

Research shows that one of the main reasons people shop online in many categories is not value, but convenience. The problem is that most online shoppers submit to a convenient customer experience that fails to offer a product that is viewed, found, bought, and received. Sources: 4

With an online shopping experience, you can stay ahead of your competitors and offer your customers an easier way to make purchases. Existing websites are often one of the first steps companies take when entering e-commerce. If candles are available, if someone books a service, that can be a source of income, but none of these customers will come to the bathroom just to buy candles. Sources: 0

As more shoppers buy through digital channels, there are four ways brands can move forward: As more and more of their customers buy their products, consumer goods companies need to bring their products to consumers, especially in developing countries, where they have to make last-mile deliveries and forget to shop from their owners. Build an animated squirrel that your customers can buy and adopt, or an online shop where their owner can adopt it. Sources: 4

Each box of nuts contains a bag of peanuts, a container for disposing of the shells and a plastic bag for the nuts themselves. Sources: 4

Our solutions can help you create great digital experiences by creating platforms and developing best-of-breed solutions that combine content and commerce with the best of both worlds: content content management and digital commerce. Sources: 7

Our flagship product brX is the only digital experience platform for brands, retailers and B2B companies that want to increase their sales by offering their customers high-quality, personalized experiences. We combine the two to create an environment that supports and implements flexible content strategies that lead to the success of digital commerce today and in the future. Careful consideration of your content performance strategy is key to creating a changing digital - commercial environment. Sources: 7

Although e-commerce platforms are at the heart of digital commerce, they are supported by a range of technologies. Choosing a digital trading platform is becoming increasingly complex as there are many different platforms with different capabilities on the market. This report lists the basic functionality of each digital trading platform in Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Sources: 2

We believe that these basic functionalities can also form the basis of a brand's digital marketing strategy for the digital trading platform. Direct consumer brands exist and decisions are made with regard to the use of technological resources for these brands.