Remove opt-out Amazon customers from auto email campaigns

In a move to further limit sellers contact with customers, Amazon customers can now opt-out of emails from third-party marketplace sellers on all marketplaces. If you have automatic email campaigns setup to send to buyers, this will affect your open rates. Seller Labs has a solution to remove those customers by adding them to a global blacklist. Here’s more from their post Amazon Releases Email Opt Out to All Marketplace

With the release of this update, buyers were given the option to unsubscribe from Buyer-Seller Messaging. But what you might have noticed was a sudden (and inconvenient) onset of bounce-back notifications in your inbox. This is because a message had failed to be delivered to the recipient (buyer). For every message that you tried to send to a buyer that had opted out, you received a bounce-back email.

What is the Global Blacklist?

Feedback Genius users have always had the option to add buyers to their individual blacklist (and vice-versa), but this blacklist was specific to each seller, so every seller had a different list of customers that could not receive messages.

The Global Blacklist, on the other hand, combines all of the individual blacklists into one large, unified blacklist that applies to all sellers using Feedback Genius.

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