Posted: 2020-12-15 19:04:18

Robomart launches its mobile convenience store in beta for West Hollywood residents

From Brian Heater at eCommerce – TechCrunch
Originally published 2020-12-15
Robomart is seemingly still a long ways away from being a fully finalized offering, but the startup has begun offering limited service in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood neighborhood. Currently being offered as an invite-only beta, the service offers essential deliveries in the back of a van. Users purchase goods from the Robomart app and the vehicle will drive out to meet them.
The offering is launching as a mobile pharmacy, offering 500 packs of 50 products. The list includes over-the-counter meds, toiletries and household and kitchen products, among others. A grocery version of the service is also set to launch in the neighborhood in “the coming weeks,” per Robomart. The eventual plan is to make deliveries via autonomous vehicles when all of the necessary regulatory and technological hurdles have been cleared. For now, however, the startup is partnering with fleet leasing company Zeeba Vans for deliveries. The plan is to increase to 100 vans within two years. Checkouts are performed with RFID tags.
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