Posted: 2020-11-20 23:10:40

Walmart Marketplace GMV Will Double in 2020

Walmarketplace. Another flavor of the same race-to-the-bottom ‘platform’ economics.

From Marketplace Pulse at Marketplace Pulse
Originally published 2020-11-18
Walmart marketplace has over 64,000 sellers, double since a year ago. The marketplace also provides more than 90% of the 45 million products on Walmart - the company has made little progress in expanding its assortment outside of the marketplace. Still, more than half of the two-day shipping enabled products are by Walmart itself; the marketplace provides the long tail and a growing number of fast shipping items.
However, the marketplace has orders of magnitude less competition than the other top choices - Amazon and eBay - and thus, it has been growing faster for some sellers. Walmart is attracting many more shoppers to its website, but spending most of its efforts on online grocery delivery and related initiatives like Walmart Plus, leaving general merchandise to the marketplace.
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