Posted: 2020-11-10 8:55:06

How to supercharge email newsletters

From DJ at A Founder's Notebook
Originally published 2020-11-10
The primary goal of our welcome email is to ensure our emails get delivered to the right place — they can’t open our emails if they don’t see them in their inbox. Since this is so important, our welcome email is super straightforward, focused on this singular goal as opposed to overwhelming them with content or trying to get too cute.
Referral program: Our referral program has been core to our growth. Each user has their own unique link to share with others . Anytime someone signs up with a reader’s unique link, they get the credit. As readers hit the referral milestones (outlined below), they earn rewards. Here’s a complete overview of the program. Our data has consistently shown that subscribers who come in from the program are among our most engaged group of users. When a friend goes out of their way to recommend you check out a new product, you’re likely to give it an honest try.
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