Posted: 2020-10-31 10:52:21

US and China: In the Foothills of Cold War

From Barbara Blachowicz at Vitaliy Katsenelson Contrarian Edge
Originally published 2020 10 29
In the past it required far more imagination to see the conflict between the US and China turning into war. However, today we find ourselves already in the middle of a technological cold war with China. And it is a war, not a friendly competition of tech companies battling for market share. It is a zero-sum game, us vs. them, where governments are putting a lot more than their thumbs on the scale of competition; they are removing the scale completely. They are doing whatever they deem is in their nations’ best interests.
From today’s perspective it is difficult to see the US and China relationship getting better. US and Chinese interests are becoming less aligned, and from today’s perch nothing short of an alien invasion seems likely to align them). I’m not sure if the occupant of the White House will really make a difference at this point. He/she may avoid escalation, or increase it. JFK’s genius during the Cuban Missile Crisis was that though he listened to his advisors, he did not let the crisis escalate into a war by making a lot of what might have seemed to be small, incremental decisions that, independently, were relatively benign but that taken together would have led irreversibly to a nuclear shooting war.
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