Posted: 2020-10-08 20:52:22

Shogun raises $35M to help brands take on Amazon with faster and better sites of their own

Brands must build direct channels for connecting with customers, not rely upon third-party marketplaces

From Ingrid Lunden at eCommerce – TechCrunch
Originally published 2020-10-07
Shogun, which lets companies build sites that sit on top of e-commerce back-ends like Shopify, Big Commerce or Magento to let them sell goods and services, is today announcing that it has raised $35 million in funding after seeing its business grow 182% over the last year, with 15,000 companies — including Leesa, MVMT, Timbuk2, Chubbies and K Swiss, as well as household Fortune 500 brands that it declines to name — now using Shogun’s tools, up 5,000 in the last eight months.
But that doesn’t tell the whole story: Brands and companies want to have their own space to present things how they want them to look, to better control the customer experience and to make sure that they are not beholden to a third party (both physically and financially) for their online survival.
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