Posted: 2020-10-06 22:28:52

Instagram expands shopping on IGTV, plans test of shopping on Reels

From Sarah Perez at eCommerce – TechCrunch
Originally published 2020-10-05
Instagram this morning announced the global expansion of its Instagram Shopping service across IGTV. The product, which lets you watch a video then check out with a few taps, offers creators and influencers a way to more directly monetize their user base on Instagram, while also giving brands a way to sell merchandise to their followers. Instagram said it would also soon begin testing shopping within its newer feature and TikTok rival, Reels.
On IGTV, users can either complete the purchase via the in-app checkout or they can visit the seller’s website to buy. However, the expectation is that many shoppers will choose to pay for their items without leaving the app, for convenience’s sake. This allows Instagram to collect selling fees on those purchases. At scale, this can produce a new revenue stream for the company — particularly now as consumers shop online more than ever, due to the coronavirus pandemic’s acceleration of e-commerce. In the future, Instagram says its shoppable IGTV videos will be made discoverable on Instagram Shop, as well.
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