Posted: 2020-09-24 19:17:56

Work is Going Hybrid and it Will Have Major Economic and Societal Impacts

From Steve at Small Business Labs
Originally published 2020 09 24
“We are going to start implementing the model that I believe will be more or less permanent, which is this rotational model,” Pinto told CNBC in a Zoom call from London, where he is based. “Depending on the type of business, you may be working one week a month from home, or two days a week from home, or two weeks a month.”JP Morgan isn't the only company planning on this. According to a survey by the HR consulting firm Mercer, 73% of the firms surveyed plan to implement a hybrid work environment that includes both in-office and remote work.
The big picture: Since the onset of pandemic-induced telework, companies have oscillated between can't-wait-to-go-back and work-from-home-forever. Now, it's becoming increasingly clear that the future of work will land somewhere in the middle — a remote/in-person hybrid. Surveys conducted in the six months since most people started working from home show that less than 10% of Americans actually want to work remotely all the time, according to a new Barclays analysis.
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