Posted: 2020-09-23 13:18:20

Mark in the Middle

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Originally published 2020-09-23
For Zuckerberg, the conservatism of his American user base had become more than a source of friction with his employees — it had also become a customer service issue. The No. 1 complaint that Facebook receives from its users is that the company removes too many of their posts, he said, for reasons that they often interpret as being politically motivated. “I want to make sure that people here recognize that the majority of the negative sentiment that we have faced, measured by write-ins from our community, is actually generally coming from more conservative-leaning folks who are concerned about censorship,” Zuckerberg would tell employees later in the summer.
The lost revenue amounted to a drop in the bucket. Zuckerberg predicted as much during a June 26th Q&A session. “The bottom line is, we’re not gonna change our policies or approach on anything because of a threat to a small percent of our revenue, or to any percent of our revenue,” Zuckerberg said. (These remarks were first reported by The Information.)  “We’re gonna do what we think are the right things that we think are gonna serve the community best over time, including the policy changes that we announced this morning, and we’ll continue going on that, and my guess is all of these advertisers will be back on the platform soon enough.” The data said Facebook could withstand the assault, and won the argument. Left open for the moment was the question of whether the boycott might have had a larger cost — and, if so, where in the data such a cost might appear
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