Posted: 2020-09-18 15:10:46

Details Of Unconstitutional WeChat/TikTok Ban Actually Would Make Users Of Those Apps Less Secure, Not More

the WeChat/TikTok ban is a secirty threat itself

From Mike Masnick at Techdirt.
Originally published 2020-09-18
It's possible that the ban on TikTok will get lifted if Treasury Secretary Mnuchin can convince enough people in the administration to buy into the grifty Oracle non-sale, but the WeChat ban is happening no matter what.
it is difficult to see how this broad ban can possibly stand up to 1st Amendment scrutiny on multiple levels. The banning of US developers coding using these companies APIs is a 1st Amendment violation. The ban on US companies hosting their code is a 1st Amendment violation. The ban on apps used for speech is likely a 1st Amendment violation (on par with breaking up printing presses). So, these bans appear to violate the 1st Amendment in multiple different ways. And for what? The claim is "to protect national security." We already knew that was bogus, and all of the info anyone can get from TikTok is already widely available for purchase. But now with the details coming out, in which it would make the data of US users of these services even less secure by banning updates, we have even more evidence that the national security claims are joke.
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