Posted: 2020-09-17 15:49:09

Darkstore launches FastAF app for same-day product delivery

New entry for ultra-fast delivery in LA

From Megan Rose Dickey at eCommerce – TechCrunch
Originally published 2020-09-17
FastAF is built on top of Darkstore, which already has relationships with a number of brands that store their products in Darkstores for same-day delivery. With Darkstore, companies like Nike, Adidas and Levis are able to offer same-day delivery to customers by storing their products inside Darkstore’s urban fulfillment centers. Currently, there are 550 Darkstores across 283 cities.
FastAF features items like masks, hand sanitizer and soap, but also sneakers, sunglasses and other products. FastAF sells the products at MSRP but charges consumers fees related to delivery and fulfillment. Initially, FastAF will waive that delivery fee and is considering rolling out a free delivery option for orders over a certain amount.
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