Posted: 2020-09-10 22:29:40

SpaceX's Satellite Internet Service Latency Comes in Under 20 Milliseconds

SpaceX's satellite internet is super-fast in initial tests

Originally published 2020-09-10
SpaceX says its satellite internet service, Starlink, has achieved a latency under 20 milliseconds, which is on par with ground-based broadband. SpaceX included the data in a presentation it sent to the FCC last Friday, which was spotted by Reddit users. The two benchmark tests, conducted using Ookla’s service, show Starlink achieving a 102 to 103Mbps download rate, 40 to 42Mbps upload rate, and a latency of 18 to 19ms.
SpaceX made the filing a day after the company publicly boasted that Starlink is already achieving download rates higher than 100Mbps. The benchmarks provided to the FCC indicate the company isn’t exaggerating. Interestingly, both benchmarks occurred on June 30, and in Seattle, Washington, at a time when SpaceX only had about 500 Starlink satellites in orbit. The company now has more than 700 satellites around the planet, which will likely improve coverage and data speeds.
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