Posted: 2020-09-10 11:51:18

Amazon’s Fastest Growing Markets During the Pandemic

Amazon is surging with visits up 24%

From Marketplace Pulse at Marketplace Pulse
Originally published 2020-09-10
“The crisis is laying bare the cracks in Amazon’s ability to be there for its customers when they need it most, much less to “delight” them,” wrote Christopher Mims at the Wall Street Journal in April. Fast-forward to now, the answer to Mims headline “Will We Forgive Amazon When This Is Over?” is Yes. In August, Amazon’s worldwide marketplaces had 5.4 billion visits, an all-time high.
Italy, India, Germany, Japan, France, and the U.K. - Amazon’s key international markets - lagged behind the U.S. in web traffic growth. While others, especially Australia and Canada, outpaced it. Across all seventeen marketplaces, Amazon added one billion monthly visits and was up 24%
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