Posted: 2020-09-10 13:06:30

Retailers: Ecommerce Should Be Plan A 09/09/2020

Outlook is dire for in-store retail

Originally published 2020 09 09
Conversely, D2C brands and true omnichannel players are surviving, in part thanks to early investment in ecommerce. Digitally mature brands across categories have tempered their losses. As ecommerce dominates COVID-recovery, brands are left considering: How long will society remain upended?
7,643 stores have already shuttered their doors in 2020, with projections nearing 25,000 by year’s end due to COVID-19 fallout. Businesses are facing one of the most depressed retail environments in recent history. As a result, brands are left with a paradox: Make up for tremendous brick-and-mortar losses while simultaneously maintaining brand equity on a shrunken budget.
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