Posted: 2020-09-09 15:52:46

Apple delays privacy feature that would let iPhone owners keep ad tracking at bay

Apple delaying feature to block ad tracking until 2021

From Nick Statt at The Verge
Originally published 2020-09-09
Apple is delaying a controversial new privacy feature it’s implementing with iOS 14 that will require developers ask users for permission to gather data and track them across mobile apps and websites on the iPhone and iPad, the company announced in a developer update posted Thursday.
The code is a unique identifier that helps advertisers track the effectiveness of ads across mobile apps, websites, email clients, and more. This is traditionally how advertisers know when you’ve, say, downloaded an iOS game from an app install ad within Facebook or when you’ve clicked on a product within Instagram that redirects you to an online web store. There are other complex methods and tools advertisers use to track you on the internet, but the IDFA is a generally industry-standard approach that’s useful across various ad types, devices, and platforms. Apple’s decision to place it behind an opt-in message may have substantial consequences for the advertising industry and how it makes use of mobile tracking.
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