Posted: 2020-08-30 16:50:48

Memo: Sanitized Urbanization

From Web Smith at 2:00 PM
Originally published 2020-08-25
Sanitized urbanization removes the perceived risks of living in urban areas while adding the value of – what’s often – upgraded infrastructure, improved schools, and lower tax bases. It is likely to become a politicized issue once urban municipalities begin to suffer the full force of the migration away from city centers. Early signs of this are showing: streets and walkways have been poorly maintained since the pandemic began. The majority of independent restaurant and retails closures have occurred in these areas, reducing the area’s appeal.
After a decade-long trend accelerated by retailers like Bonobos and Warby Parker, direct-to-consumer brands (alongside coffee shops and independent bars) became a reliable source of signaling. As they entered newly revitalized neighborhoods, traditional retailers, restaurants, and soon followed.
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